The Graduate Program in Education, Culture, and Semi-Arid Territories – PPGESA aims to promote general education in education, based on the understanding of the contextualization of school knowledge and knowledge and educational policies inherent to the territories in which they are located. Constructed or for which they are directed, which directly influences the scope of educational processes and the conceptual conceptions that guide the teaching practice. Thus, the intention is not to go into the specificity of teaching areas (Portuguese Language, History, Religious Education, Mathematics, Science, and others), but to expand the understanding that a teacher must understand the teaching process and the fundamental knowledge of their area of training, starting to involve the relationship of this specific knowledge with the perspective of complexity. And the development of teaching practices that have as their starting point diverse knowledge and knowledge (from science, students, community, griots, popular wisdom ) as enablers of the macro conception of the world, of the community in which the school is inserted, of the learning processes, and the development of the being.

General Objective

To investigate the historical and epistemological bases of the areas of Education, Culture, and Semi-arid Territories, analyzing how the process of consolidation of school and non-school education has been from the perspective of contextualized education in the Brazilian semi-arid and in some regions of the world such as Africa, Europe, and Latin America.